Old walls, old wires

Why does old architecture often feel so cozy and charmingly messy?

by Felix

Distant beach

The beach in Eforie Sud, July 2019, seen from the south end of the developed portion.

by Felix

Double selfie

Me and mom on the beach in Eforie Sud, July 2019. It was windy, yet the water was so warm.

by Felix

Clouds over water

(Photo of a distant industrial building across a lake, under heavy clouds. In the foreground, people are fishing near a row of small piers.)

One of my favorite vistas from Lacul Tei, Bucharest, now in a different light.

by Felix

Feet of a fallen giant

(Photo of a waist-high tree stump, leaning sideways, like the younger tree nearby. A paved alley veers right near them.)

by Felix

Flowers at the circus

(Photo of decorative flower beds in front of a lawn peppered with trees. Apartment buildings loom in the background.)

by Felix

Urban development

(Photo of a gazebo in a verdant park, on the background of office towers across a lake.)

The new section of Parcul Tei, Bucharest, open at last. Surprisingly, it was worth the wait.

by Felix

Keep of the Mad Wizard

(3D render of a portcullis in a corridor with brick walls and stone floor, by torchlight. The words "Keep of the Mad Wizard" are superimposed in red, with shaky letters.)

Cover art for the eponymous videogame. Made with POV-Ray and Inkscape.

by Felix