Half Sun

(Photo of a lone, small Sakura tree that's half in sunlight and half in the shadow of a building.)

by Felix

Spring in Plumbuita

(Photo of a tree full of white flowers, with a large hopscotch court painted in the foreground.)

by Felix

Forest of silver

(Photo of many birch trees leaning every which way, in the background of a beer garden.)

by Felix

Doves on perches

(Photo of doves perched on the branches of a naked tree, silhouetted against a cloudy sky.)

by Felix

Circling gulls

(Photo of gulls circling low above a pond in a park, bordered by dried reeds and trees. In the background, Brutalist apartment buildings shine white in the sun, reflecting in the water.)

by Felix

Rest in peace, kitty

(Photo of a fat calico cat lying on an unmade bed, in a sunbeam.)

Dutza, November 1998 - 20 January 2019. We didn't want her. We didn't deserve her. And now it's all tears in the rain. Rest in peace, kitty.

by Felix

Location matters

As part of my move here, I better sorted some of the photos on my hard drive. And it turns out there are more of them from Parcul Circului than from any other park, even Cişmigiu where I used to take my big camera twice a year. It's a special place like that, and it matters. On the other hand, none of them are among those I consider my best. That's interesting.

Maybe it's time to consciously seek out other places. To be more deliberate again when choosing subjects. Can't easily upload large batches here, anyway. Might as well adapt.

As we say in Romania, man blesses the place. But one needs a place to bless first. Cheers.

by Felix

Park in winter 2

(A park alley curving under low-hanging trees, between snow-covered laws, past a sculpture.)

by Felix