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Spring in Plumbuita

(Photo of a tree full of white flowers, with a large hopscotch court painted in the foreground.)

by Felix

Forest of silver

(Photo of many birch trees leaning every which way, in the background of a beer garden.)

by Felix

Doves on perches

(Photo of doves perched on the branches of a naked tree, silhouetted against a cloudy sky.)

by Felix

Circling gulls

(Photo of gulls circling low above a pond in a park, bordered by dried reeds and trees. In the background, Brutalist apartment buildings shine white in the sun, reflecting in the water.)

by Felix

Park in winter 2

(A park alley curving under low-hanging trees, between snow-covered laws, past a sculpture.)

by Felix

Park in winter 1

(A long, straight park alley bordered by trees and a few benches, all covered in snow.)

by Felix

Winter Willows

(Weeping willows with dried leaves lining a road along a drained canal.)

One of my favorite vistas from Parcul Plumbuita, Bucharest, this time in winter.

by Felix

Circus in winter

(A circular building with wavy roof, behind snow-covered fir trees.)

Circul de Stat, a little-known landmark of Bucharest, that deserves better.

by Felix