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Municipal Geographic

(Countless gulls on Lacul Tei, Bucharest, among half-submerged vegetation. The lake takes a bend around a verdant peninsula; sunlit office towers loom on the horizon. In the foreground, onlookers enjoy the show from a series of stairs.)

by Felix

Feeding birds

(Numerous swans, coots and gulls gathering at the lakeshore, where an old man is feeding them.)

by Felix

Architecture of Decay

(A communist apartment building reflects in a pond overrun with reeds and other vegetation, all seen through a rusty fence with barbed wire on top.)

by Felix

Corner of the pond

(Photo of numerous water lilies in bloom, between a cluster of reeds on the near side, and trees of various species in the background.)

by Felix

So many swans

(Photo of four swans swimming in a file along the shore of a lake, at equal distance from each other, with more of them coming from afar.)

by Felix

Statue of a Queen

(Photo depicting a statue in a garden: a mature woman of regal stature, wearing long flowing robes and a matching headdress, is seated in a chair, sewing a large, intricate piece of needlework.)

Queen Elisabeth of Romania, a.k.a. Carmen Silva, the poet queen, shown here as a maker instead, in her forever home at Castelul Peleş, Sinaia. May it last.

by Felix

Faerie Road

(A stone road with old ironwork lamp posts and railings climbs through a forest, towards a fairy tale castle barely visible among the trees. People walk past souvenir shops that lend color.)

The road leading up from Sinaia to Castelul Peleş is itself a bit of an experience. Also a bit of a tourist trap, though with good stuff and prices.

by Felix

Castelul Peleş

(A palace built in the style of old German architecture, with a central clock tower, appears to emerge from among the pine and fir trees behind it, on the background of not-so-distant mountains.)

Castelul Peleş, Sinaia, as seen across the front lawn at the top of the road leading to it from the town below, like a jewel completing the natural beauty.

by Felix