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Architecture of Decay

(A communist apartment building reflects in a pond overrun with reeds and other vegetation, all seen through a rusty fence with barbed wire on top.)

by Felix

So many swans

(Photo of four swans swimming in a file along the shore of a lake, at equal distance from each other, with more of them coming from afar.)

by Felix

Dry Canal

(Photo of a shallow canal, empty of water, meandering among trees, bushes and rocks.)

by Felix

Spring in Plumbuita

(Photo of a tree full of white flowers, with a large hopscotch court painted in the foreground.)

by Felix

Winter Willows

(Weeping willows with dried leaves lining a road along a drained canal.)

One of my favorite vistas from Parcul Plumbuita, Bucharest, this time in winter.

by Felix

Birds on the water

(Photo of numerous white and black water birds on a lake, near a dam, on a sunny day.)

by Felix