Another one bites the dust

I started this art blog a little over a year ago if memory serves, so I'll have a place for sharing my photos with friends now that Flickr is no longer an option. For other things, there was always DeviantArt, or so I thought.

Exactly a week ago, DeviantArt deployed a new user interface, not the one named Eclipse that they've offered as an option for a while now but something else. Something so heavyweight it overheated my computer (which really, really doesn't need it) and was impossible to use anyway. Thought it was my potato computer, but people with newer/better machines said the same. And sure, I'll have to buy a new one anyway when the lockdown expires for us here on May 15th. But really?!

So much for yet another art site I foolishly trusted to, you know, be a little bit reliable. Just a little bit. It was too much to ask.

Very well then. This piece is my only one here so far. Now there will be a lot more. Better to have it all under my control, easy to back up and update from a mobile device. Which is increasingly important to me because reasons.

Stay tuned.