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More changes to this place

By Felix
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I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, this dump isn't going anywhere for at least six more months. Hopefully much longer if I can renew the domain name come summer.

Now for the bad news: for three years now, this has mostly been a place to share photos with friends as I took them. Not only there hasn't been that much to share lately, it's getting tedious to keep adding a few photos at a time, all the time.

This place works better as an archive, so that's what it should become. Earlier this autumn I …

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Why this sucks

I restarted this blog exactly a year ago, and promptly left it fallow. Good thing I went with a static site generator instead of another CMS.

While looking through old browser bookmarks, I found this article in French called Survivre dans les ruines (numériques) du capitalisme, from 6 November 2018. It explains exactly what's wrong with the Flickr acquisition that forced me to take refuge here four years ago, and it's still valid, even though the plan to delete millions of Creative Commons photos was supposedly shelved.

Short version: to a corporation, everything we make is fungible. Just another product …

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Hello, world!

Oh no, I'm starting yet another blog. Halp! It's pulling me under!

Seriously, this is my third attempt to set up a photoblog. For once, I have a good feeling. Things are not ideal: LazyGal is barely adequate for the task, not to mention somewhat glitchy, and I'm not yet sure about the logistics. At least now I can rework and replace parts of it piecemeal, and nothing can budge the site in the mean time.

Stick with me through this change. Thanks.

P.S. Still impressed with how quick and easy it is to get started with Pelican.

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