More changes to this place

By Felix
Category: misc Tags: meta

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, this dump isn't going anywhere for at least six more months. Hopefully much longer if I can renew the domain name come summer.

Now for the bad news: for three years now, this has mostly been a place to share photos with friends as I took them. Not only there hasn't been that much to share lately, it's getting tedious to keep adding a few photos at a time, all the time.

This place works better as an archive, so that's what it should become. Earlier this autumn I added my photos from 2018 and some artwork. Once I archive 2022 as well, there won't be any more regular updates. I plan to add some thematic collections, and maintain the whole thing, but little else.

Posting here on the blog continues to make sense, of course, though updates are going to be rare.

See you in the usual places, and thank you.