Moving shop

By Felix
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You'd think it's a curse or something. Two years and a half after starting a blog here (on a "proper" CMS), I was posting:

Lately, this blog hasn't been working very well. For no obvious reasons, small things are breaking down left and right. Backups are only partial, drafts aren't created anymore, and many uploads are rejected outright.

Luckily, these days I have something better: a proper photo gallery that works better for its intended purpose anyway. It lacks a newsfeed, so you'll have to check the Day to Day album now and then, but oh well.

See you there, then, and no worries. I'm leaving this up for the moment. It served its purpose, and doesn't get in the way now. Thanks for being with me so far, and here's to more photos! You know where to find me.

And then? The new gallery didn't work out either. Just three months later, I moved everything again. So much for that.