About this site

This blog is a pretext to play with Pelican, maybe make more themes for it and so on. Besides, even an art site needs a place to post news, and other writing. Just don't expect substantial or frequent updates.

It all started the day after Christmas 2018 with the following message:

This isn't really a photoblog. More like a place for me to show the occasional photo to friends. Flickr used to be good for that, but the new owners decided to be greedy. And Twitter doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Not for this purpose. Got my server right here, paid for out of pocket. Might as well use it.

These days I mostly shoot with an ASUS Zenphone Go smartphone. The camera is set to 4 megapixels and 2x zoom.

If you like what you see, please consider making a small donation.

Things worked pretty well for a while, too, minus the last part. Oh well, can't have them all.