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Hello, world!

Oh no, I'm starting yet another blog. Halp! It's pulling me under!

Seriously, this is my third attempt to set up a photoblog. For once, I have a good feeling. Things are not ideal: LazyGal is barely adequate for the task, not to mention somewhat glitchy, and I'm not yet …

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Moving shop

By Felix
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You'd think it's a curse or something. Two years and a half after starting a blog here (on a "proper" CMS), I was posting:

Lately, this blog hasn't been working very well. For no obvious reasons, small things are breaking down left and right. Backups are only partial, drafts aren't …

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Another one bites the dust

I started this art blog a little over a year ago if memory serves, so I'll have a place for sharing my photos with friends now that Flickr is no longer an option. For other things, there was always DeviantArt, or so I thought.

Exactly a week ago, DeviantArt deployed …

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Location matters

As part of my move here, I better sorted some of the photos on my hard drive. And it turns out there are more of them from Parcul Circului than from any other park, even Cişmigiu where I used to take my big camera twice a year. It's a special …

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